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Among us mod apk is brilliantly designed for puzzle and action game lovers. This game is completely loaded with a lot of new and excellent features.
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Going on a space trip is a dream of everyone in real life. Among Us . Apk is a game about a space trip journey. This game opens the world to the most wonderful things existing in space. When you play this game. As a result, all the secrets of space have been unveiled in front of you. You have to prepare a ship for this space trip. In spite of you have to save yourself from the enemy who can destroy you or your destination by breaking the ship.

Among Us . Apk – The Story

It is always a desire to go on a space trip. For this purpose in Among Us . Apk game, the participants decide to go on a space journey. The participants built a spaceship for the journey. This game has made according to the space theme. The game is between the cremates and the imposters. The team has four to ten participants. The different tasks assigned to the crewmates for winning this game.

among us mod apk

The crewmates were assigned tasks to complete and win the game. On the other hand imposters, teamwork is to damage the crewmates, destroy their lives so that the crewmates may not complete the tasks, and lose the game. Whenever a player loses his/her life he/she becomes a ghost. This ghost becomes invisible and the other player cannot see him. But this ghost has seen by the other ghost player who loses his life.

Crewmates need to complete all the tasks assigned to them or destroy all the imposters to win the game. If the cremates fail to complete the assigned task and also fail to destroy the imposters they lose the game and ultimately the game ends. The crewmates can identify imposters using a given surveillance system. The crewmates have no option for voice chat but they can text each other via chat in the game.

The player can visit the lobby for game-setting adjustments. Different types of space costumes, skins, pets, and many other things are present in the lobby. The players can change the space costume according to your need and interest. The skins are also available and players can use these skins for their needs. The game settings like controls are adjusted according to the player’s need and for better control supervision.

Among Us . Apk Features

The game graphics are the main part of the game which attracts the user to play the game. In Among Us . the graphics are very simple but unique. The simplicity of the graphics in this game increases the worth of this game. All the things in this game are created with simple graphics to keep the game simple and easy. is the main motto. All the characters in this game have also been designed very simply and therefore to identify the characters in this game becomes easy. The graphics settings have been done in the main among us mod apk mod menu.

among us mod apk

The game has developed by keeping the concept of the party in mind. A  group of up to 10 players can play the game and in this way, the graphics have been kept lightweight and simple. The unique style of the graphics makes this different from other space adventure games. You can run the graphics of this game at 60 fps. The characters have also been perfectly designed in a simple and stylish way and are easily distinguishable.

The other features in this game are very interesting and hot to discuss. The feature like no-kill cooldown is present in this among us mod apk. The kill cooldown feature has been removed from the mod apk and now you can increase kills in this game. As we said above when a player loses his life in the game he becomes a ghost and also becomes invisible. He has not been seen by anyone instead the other ghost can see him easily. Among us mod apk no cooldown always impostor has included in this game.

But in this among us mod apk the ghosts are no more invisible. You can easily see all the ghosts which were invisible in the original game. Without losing your life in the game you can see the ghost. Furthermore, you have the power of watching the chats. In this game, there is an amazing feature that you can easily see the other player or the competitor on another side of the wall or the other side of any object. Hence you get an extra and amazing feature that gives an advanced feature than your opponents.

If you want to damage or destroy the other crewmates you can easily destroy their lives without making them know who is doing this. This instant killing feature in this among us mod apk game helps you to finish other crewmates if you are an imposter. There is also a lighting issue in this. But this is no more an issue you can see other players with light and can finish them. No one is any more invisible to you in this game.

In this mod apk version, there are many extra and amazing things that are provided that help you to play games with more focus and in a more winning way. There are a lot of space costumes available in this mod apk game. On the other hand, many skins are also available for the players, hats, and pets of different styles are also available. Besides these things, there are many other extra things that are available in this mod version.

The speed of the characters in this game is slow and sometimes irritates the user to play the game. But in this mod apk version, you can adjust the speed of the character in the mod menu. There is no need to sign in to your social accounts to play this game. You can play this game online and offline according to your ease. There is no need to root your device for this game. You can play easily without device rooting.

among us mod apk

There is always an imposter in this game. It becomes difficult to know about the imposter. The imposter always damages the player or can destroy the ship and the lives of the players. Therefore there is a way to know the imposter by voting. The other thing is in this mod apk game version you can easily know about the imposter and can easily win the game. In this way, the imposter identification option is made available in this game for the player’s ease.

In the mod menu of this game, different options are also available for customization. Using these options you can customize your character easily. There are many colors available in the mod menu, you can choose any color and implement it on your character. Hats of different colors and styles are present, choose the hat of your own interest for your character. The pets choosing option is also available in the game.

Skins and space costumes are included in among us mod menu apk. You can choose any space costume for your character for the specific identity. You can also choose any skin for your character from this mod menu. Furthermore, admin control, wallhack, unlimited kill, and among us mod apk fake imposter options are also included in the mod menu. These options are very interesting and made available in the among us mod apk only for an excellent gameplay experience.

among us mod apk

There is a total of three maps or regions introduced in this game for competition among players. These maps have different views and things according to regions. The name of these maps is the Skeld, Mira HQ, and Polus. You can choose the map where you want to play the game. Every map has different specifications than another map and due to this players choose the map for their interest and map features availability.

In this game, you can change your name by these steps. You need to open the game, enter the game by going online. At the Host option, you will see the Name box. From this option, you can change the name of your character. The unpredictable game mode of this game makes it more popular and interesting. The mod version of this game also attracts users to play this as you have extra and unique options than other players.

There is no tension of getting banned by using this mod apk version as this mod apk version is tested much time and after that, all the modifications are done by exploring the game. So the developer has tested this game and make sure that the user will not get a ban by using this mod apk version of the game. So among us mod apk game version is banned-free and a risk-free game version for all the users playing around the world. Among us mod apk all unlocked 2020.6 9 can be downloaded from the download section. Among us mod apk no ban feature is included in this game.

among us mod apk

The popularity of this game is increasing day by day all over the world. The main reason is the concept of this game which is unique, adventurous, and exciting. The unpredictable mode of this game also attracts the users towards this game. On the other hand, team play and the option of playing with your friend and family is exciting and make this game more popular. You can also play this game with any random or stranger around the world.

In among us mod menu always imposter tells you about the imposter presence by the different surveillance systems. Among us mod apk always imposter download always helps you to get some extra features that you don’t find in among us the real game. Among us mod apk always imposter no-kill cooldown features is added in this game for action and puzzle game lovers and hence this feature increases the interest and attraction of game lovers for this game.

among us mod apk

All pets unlocked feature is available in the mod apk menu. In this menu, all the pets are already unlocked where you can select the pet according to your interest. Among us mod apk android always imposter is specifically designed for the android game lovers and has all the features that the game lovers want in any game. Therefore among us mod apk all pets are unlocked in this game and you can select these pets.

In addition Among us mod apk best and fantastic features are included to make this game worthy and due to these features, this game has gained a lot of popularity around the world. Equally important, Among us mod apk is widely played in brazil. Above all, Among us mod apk become imposter feature is also included in this game you can also choose to be a crewmate or an imposter in this game. Meanwhile, Among us mod apk crewmate vent can be used and can open the doors.

among us mod apk

There is a feature you can know about the impostor and in among us mod apk can see impostor. Among us mod apk crewmate can kill the impostor and can win the game easily. Among us mod apk change color option is available in the mod menu and you can select and change the color that you like. Simultaneously, Among us mod apk can see imposter feature is included in the menu and can easily identify the impostor and destroy the impostor.

Finally, Among us mod apk download always imposter option is included in the mod apk where you can manually choose the impostor or crew-mate. In real among us the game AI chooses randomly the impostor. But by among us mod apk download always impostor option allows you can choose as an impostor or crew-mate. In this way be an impostor or crewmate becomes easy as there is an option of always impostor in this game. You can download among us mod apk obb file.

among us mod apk

Among us mod apk download mod menu you can change the skins, colors, space costumes, pets, and as well as always imposter option is available. Among us mod apk download free can be done by using the download option in this article. Among us mod apk every time imposter option in the mod menu attracts the game users to select this option and become an imposter and play the game as the way they want.

In fact, Among us mod apk ez is an easy game to play, and select the interesting options available in the mod menu. Further, Among us mod apk exclusively designed for users who want some extra features likes always imposters, all skins unlocked, color change, extra space costumes, all pets, and many more. To illustrate, Among us mod apk free skins and pets are included so you just need to choose any free skin, pet, and use it right now. So download among us mod apk file and enjoy.

You can simply download Among us mod apk free by clicking on the download button. After downloading the game you will among us mod apk fake impostor option the mod menu. Among us mod apk game has other options than the real game lacks. Still, Among us mod apk god menu allows you to choose always the impostor option. Among us mod apk google drive link is also available for download with among us mod apk imposter option.

among us mod apk

Truly, Among us mod apk imposter every time option allows becoming imposter anytime you want. So among us mod apk impostor always an option is present in the mod menu of this game. Just as among us mod apk imposter always option allows choosing crew-mate or impostor when you start the game. For instance, Among us mod apk know the imposter helps you to know who is the imposter. Besides Among us mod apk know the impostor option shows you the impostor.

Specifically, Among us mod apk kill fast option is included with more improvements. On the other hand, Among us mod apk kg modz has some extra features as in the mod menu. Among us mod apk kill as crewmate option enables you to kill the impostor. In Among us mod apk latest version always impostor option is already included. Among us mod apk latest mod menu is fully loaded with the latest features. Among us mod apk latest version free download option is available in the download menu.

In Among us mod apk list many features have been included in the latest version. Consequently, Among us mod apk latest mod menu download enables all the extra features for this game. Likewise, Among us mod apk mod menu always imposter feature has also been included in the latest version. That is to say, Among us mod apk mod menu latest version is available for download. Indeed, Among us mod apk mobile version has loaded with all features. Additionally, Among us mod apk mod menu android version has all modified features.

among us mod apk

Apk mod menu enabled extra features for this game. Among us mod apk money earning features have also been included. Among us mod apk menu always impostor with extra features that have been developed in this game. In among us mod apk no verification need to play the game. Among us mod apk noclip feature has been added now. Among us mod apk only imposter or among us mod apk only impostor feature has added in the mod menu.

Moreover, Among us mod apk on android has the mod menu and extra built-in features. Certainly, Among us mod apk only imposter download is available in the download section. You can also play among us mod apk offline. Among us mod apk old version is also available for download. In among us mod apk pets have unlocked. Among us mod apk phone is OS independent version. Among us mod apk radar impostor option has been added now.

The revive option has been added. The reveal imposter or among us mod apk reveal impostor function reveals the imposter. This mod apk removes ads and there is no ad in this game. The skins have been unlocked for use. In Among us mod apk skin and pet has also been unlocked. The see impostor or among us mod apk see imposter option enables you to see imposter easily.

The ghost chat feature has been included in among us mod apk. The ghosts option allows you to see ghosts. The among us mod apk to download is easy and free. The option Among us mod apk to be imposter has added choose to be imposter manually. The Among us mod apk troll is a kind of the mod menu. The feature of Among us mod apk unlock pets is available in the game. Among us mod apk unlimited skins pets hats and anti-ban features have been included now.

among us mod apk

Among us mod apk unlimited skins and pets are available. This among us mod apk unlock all pet skin and use them. The among us mod apk unlock all no kill cooldown property has also been added. In the Apk unlimited pets are available. Among us mod apk vent as a crewmate option is also available. Among us mod apk with pets and skins have loaded now. In among us mod apk walk through walls is  now possible

. apk vision enables you to play in no light. Apk working is best for extra features seekers. Who is imposter now becomes easy to find the imposter in this game. With 100 players is yet in process and will be launch soon in the game. A Youtube video is available to see below of this article of among us mod apk.

The different versions like among us mod apk v2020, among us mod apk v2020.10, among us mod apk version 10.22, among us mod apk version 11.17, and among us mod apk v2020.9.9 download (always imposter) is available in the download page or section.

Among Us . Apk – TIPS

For making the spaceship for the space trip you need to identify the imposter. The identification of the imposter helps you in the future for no more damages. You can successfully complete the spaceship preparation if you identify the imposter from the team. The imposter if not identified can easily damage the ship during the journey or can kill the crewmates. So you need to identify all the imposters and eject them from the game before setting out for a space trip.

The imposters know all about your plans and can destroy these plans at any time. Therefore first of all kill these imposters and then complete tasks to make the spaceship. The admin map and cameras help you to keep an eye on all crewmates and their activities. It is the best option to identify the imposter. You have to stay alert in any defective situation and manage any sign of a defector during the gameplay.

Once you found the bodies of the players. You have to immediately contact your crewmates via text chat and discuss the situation and know who are the imposters as soon as possible. The meeting can arrange to discuss any serious and suspicious matter to solve the problem. Once you find the imposter, you can vote to eject him. Make the right decision in choosing who stays and who goes in the gameplay.

During spaceship preparation, you have to keep an eye on all the crewmates because one of them will an imposter. The imposter can damage the spaceship and can also kill all the crewmates. On the destruction of all crewmate’s lives, you directly lose the game and the imposters win the game. Therefore discover the imposter as soon as possible and vote him down for its ejection from the game so that you could win the game easily.

How to Download and Install?

  • First of all, you need to uninstall the existing version of the game if you have already installed it.
  • Then Download Among Us . Apk from the link given below.
  • Now after downloading just install this game on your device.
  • Hence after successful installation, you are ready to play this amazing game and enjoy!


Q1. Is Among Us . Apk is free or Paid?

Answer: It is totally free for a lifetime.

Q2. Can I play this game individually?

Answer: No you cannot play as a single player. A team of 4 players requires to play this. You can invite your friends or can play randomly with online players.

Q3. Can we talk through voice Chat?

Answer: No, only the text chat option is available in this game right now.

Q4. Is this mod apk version is safe to use?

Answer: Of course, this is totally safe and you can play without any hurdle.

Q5. Is this game platform independent?

Answer: Yes, you can play on any device with any operating system.


Among Us . Apk is an excellent game to play with your friends and other random players around the world. This game is best for spending leisure time and to overcome the boring. The concept of this game is very unique which makes this more popular all around the world. The characters, design, graphics have been designed in an excellent way that makes it unique from other space adventures games. Thus Play the game and enjoy it.

What's new

- Always Impostor Feature

- . Menu

- Every Unlocked

- Wall Hack

- Lighting Hack

- Ghosts Visible

- No Kill Cool Down



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How to install Among Us . Apk - Everything Unlocked & Amazing Extra Features APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Among Us . Apk - Everything Unlocked & Amazing Extra Features APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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